Bank BPD Fortune Savings SIMPEDA Harvest 2019: SIMPEDA Savings Promotion Program

Bank BPD Fortune Savings SIMPEDA Harvest is a National scale SIMPEDA savings draw held twice a year. The second Period of SIMPEDA Savings National Lottery Year XXIX-2019 will be held in Central Java by Bank Jateng.

The SIMPEDA Savings Lottery with the Block Savings Balance program not only organizes lottery events, but also presents a music concert featuring Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) and Tompi on Friday, February 22, 2019 at Alila Solo Hotel.

The SIMPEDA savings promotion program is a special promotion program for SIMPEDA savings savers. By saving certain nominal in period of time, the customer will get a prize of access form to watch the Simpeda Savings Bank 2018 Bank Lucky Draw event enlivened by Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) and Tompi. This promotion program is free of charge, only to save and block the balance for a certain period of time. For cutting costs on savings according to the cost of savings products provisions and used the BPD Card. Simpeda Savings product information may Click here.

How to get a promotion program

To get a Promotion Program it’s very easy, customers / prospective customers are enough to:

  1. Have or open a SIMPEDA account at Bank Jateng.
  2. Have a savings balance of sufficient amount to be blocked according to the program conditions.
  3. Has an Email Address and Active Phone Number
  4. Bring KTP or Original ID Card.

After opening and holding a SIMPEDA Bank Jateng account, customers simply need to take the following steps:

  1. Come to Bank Jateng
    1. Branch Offices in Central Java, Yogyakarta and Jakarta.
    2. Sub-branch Office of Surakarta region.
  2. Ask the security / security guard and ask for a Customer Service queue.
  3. Fill out the Ticket Box Order Form and bring the Original KTP (ID Card)
  4. Towards Customer Service to identify the old customers or new customers status, with several conditions as follows:
    1. Old Customer:
      1. Already have a Simpeda account before 2019.
      2. Maximum blocking balance: 10 months
      3. The time period for blocking the balance on the first ticket: 2 months
      4. Add month / ticket: 2 months / ticket
      5. Maximum ownership of tickets: 5 tickets
    2. New Customer:
      1. Don’t have a SIMPEDA account and have to open an account in 2019.
      2. Maximum blocking balance: 10 months
      3. The time period for blocking the balance on the first ticket: 6 months
      4. Add month / ticket: 2 months / ticket
      5. Maximum ownership of tickets: 3 tickets
  5. Time to Block Balance based on the number of tickets received:
    1. 1 Ticket: 2 Months (Old Customer) or 6 Months (New Customer)
    2. 2 Tickets: 4 Months (Old Customer) or 8 Months (New Customer)
    3. 3 Tickets: 6 Months (Old Customer) or 10 Months (New Customer)
  6. Block Balance amount per ticket type:
    1. Silver: 750,000, – rupiahs
    2. Gold: 1,500,000, – rupiahs
    3. Platinum: 3,000,000, – rupiahs

For customers who open a new account or who do not have enough balance to block and get a ticket, customers can make deposit administration either through a teller at Bank Jateng or deposit cash at the available ATM machine. To administer the savings balances blocking must be in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions. Customers who have administered block balances will receive an E-ticket sent to the customer’s e-mail address within 1 × 24 hours.

Ticket Exchanges

Customers can exchange the tickets according to the determined time by the organizer in showing the E-ticket Code and photocopy of KTP / ID Card which can be exchanged for:

Place: Pre-Function Hotel Alila Solo
Day / Date: Friday, February 22, 2019
Exchange time
Open Ticket: 14.00 WIB
Close Ticket: 7:00 p.m.

The schedule for exchange can change at any time without prior notice.

For customers who exchange tickets outside the specified date and time is deemed invalid. For this reason, customers are expected to pay attention to any information that has been provided by the organizer.

Other Provisions

There are several provisions that can also be considered by customers to be able to get concert tickets, as follows:

  1. Blocked balances will be subject to product and card administration fees every month according to the terms and the product conditions used by the customer.
  2. The blocked balance will be included in drawing the Simpeda Savings in the following period.
  3. Blocked balances cannot be withdrawn / withdrawn before the balance blocking agreement is completed.
  4. The balance blocking agreement is binding and accountable according to the account holder’s customer awareness.
  5. Tickets can be obtained as the applicable conditions as long as the promotional program inventory is still available.
  6. Tickets are not for sale.
  7. Tickets are SIMPEDA savings reward programs from Bank Jateng.
  8. Customers to be able to keep the e-ticket code confidential.
  9. The lost / misused e-ticket code after being received by the customer is each customer responsibility.
  10. Getting a ticket for free of charge access to the event, except the cost deduction of the savings and card products according to the product terms and conditions.

If there are problems due to not receiving an email regarding the concert E-ticket, customers can contact Bank Jateng’s Customer Service office where customers get the tickets.