Banjarnegara District Head Reviewing Bank Jateng’s Readiness in Facing the Covid-19 Pandemic Prevention

BANJARNEGARA – Bank Jateng of Banjarnegara Branch received a special visit from Budhi Sarwono Regent along with the Covid-19 emergency prevention and response team at the Office of Bank Jateng of Banjarnegara Branch (27/03).

He wanted to review the extent readiness of Bank Jateng in preventing the spread and transmission of Covid-19, especially for the banking transaction services.

“I am very happy that Bank Jateng has prepared such a good thing. Such as checking temperatures, providing hand sanitaizers, washing hands and customer seating at least 1 meter. “

After touring, he distributed milk to the came customers and employees to improve nutrition and body immunity to stay healthy and avoid the disease.

On this occasion the Regent handed over the aid in disinfectant sprayers form to BPBD and  Karangkobar, Wanadadi Sub-Branch Offices and Klampok Market to be submitted to the Related Parties. Bank Jateng also provided 160 boxes of milk for medical staffs of Banjarnegara District.

“We are very happy for the visit of Banjarnegara Regent therefore we can work with enthusiasm since the attention of him.” Said Yuli Prabowo as Bank  Jateng’s Head  of Banjarnegara Branch.

This disinfectant spraying tool is a help from Bank Jateng which is then handed over to Banjarnegara Regent. He asked not only for the Branch Office, but also in the subsidiary branch areas as well. “I submit the disinfectant sprayer to be forwarded to the relevant parties in the Subdistrict Market of Klampok, Karangkobar and Wanadadi.” Said the Regent as he handed over disinfectant equipment to Dyah Ardiatie Palupi as the Head of  Wanadadi’s Sub-Branch Office.