Auto Parts Entrepreneurs Get Xpander Prizes from Bima Savings Lottery

SUKOHARJO – In the COVID-19 midst pandemic hits Indonesia, Bank Jateng of Sukoharjo continued to hand over Bima Savings Lottery prize even though it was simple without any  ceremonial.

The Bima Savings Lottery was conducted nationally at Dieng Wonosobo on March 14, 2020. Wuryanto from Sukoharjo Branch won 1 unit of Mitsubishi Xpander.

Wuryanto, a motorcycle and car parts entrepreneur in Tawangsari, has been a loyal customer of Bank Jateng since a dozen years ago.

“This is the first time I have received Bima lottery prize from Bank Jateng, it wasn’t not even  a dream that I get  Bima Savings prize,” he said. He claimed not to make transactions at the bank often, his account balance was filled since he used QREN in his shop, therefore transactions via QR Barcodes directly enters the account.

” QREN use is simple, direct transactions into savings, moreover it’s quite a lot of collected and get prizes”, he added.

Prize 1 is a unit of Xpander was handed over directly by the Head of Bank Jateng’s Sukoharjo Branch, Agus Hastono, The handover was carried out in the office yard  Bank Jateng’s Sukoharjo Branch  (08/04).

“With  Bima Savings lottery prize, we expect customers to increase their balance, since there’s more bigger winning  possibility ,” he said. Agus also advised Wuryanto to always be a loyal customer of Bank Jateng and increase his balance.

” Pak Wur, please conveys to the store customers, colleagues, neighbors it is real  that  Bank Jateng gives  Bima lottery prizes,” added Agus. On the same day also presented other prizes namely are 7 units of Yamaha and NMax Motorcycles and 7 Gold coins.