Accelerated Acceptance of PBB-P2 through Bank Jateng Laku Pandai Agent

KUDUS – Kudus Branch of Bank Jateng together with the Local Government of Kudus District held the UN-P2 Socialization in 2020 and Laku Pandai, which was attended by all Camats, Kades (Village Heads), Village tax collectors and Notaries in all Kudus Regencies in the Kudus Regency Hall, (03 / 03)

In his remarks the Head of Kudus BPPKAD Office, Eko Jumartono appealed all Camats and Kades (Village Heads) together to achieve the target of UN paying off before September 2020.

On this occasion participants were invited to view videos related to the UN Tax counter and channel which can be done in all Central Java, Laku Pandai, Indomaret, and Go-Pay Bank Offices. Eko hopes in 2020 the percentage of tax payments will be better than the previous year. In the SPPT event was also handed over to the sub-district and the village heads as symbolic that the 2020 tax collection had begun.

Furthermore, briefing from the Plt Regent of Bp. HM. Hartopo, ST, MM, MH which Hartopo instructed all of the officials of the Regency Government to set an example by paying PBB-P2 on time and in the right amount. Likewise for the Sub-District ,Village Heads and Lurah always to motivate their staffs and the people in their regions to obey paying taxes.

The presentation was also conveyed by the Head of Bank Jateng and Network Services Division Ahmad Joni Anwar, who said Tax payment facilities have been very easy in the modern era, one of them is via e-channel can be on Go-Pay, Internet banking, Laku Pandai, Tokopedia, OVO, Aja Link, Dana and many other tools.

On that occasion Joni also said Bank Jateng has Laku Pandai products for Bumdes and village officials through Laku Pandai agents can also make the tax payments, which of course can also increase the village income through the agent fees received every time making a transaction. He also conveyed to all participants related to the Village Fund, where in 2020 all villages fund disbursements must go through Bank Jateng.