Central Java Regional Development Bank was first established in Semarang based on Approval Letter of Public Government Minister & Regional Autonomy No. DU 57/1/35 dated March 13, 1963 and a business license from the Central Bank Affairs Minister. 4 /Kep/ MUBS / 63 dated 14 March 1963 as the Central Java operational base. The first operation started on April 6, 1963 by occupying Bapindo Building, Jl. Hero no. 3 Semarang as the Head Office.

The establishing purpose a bank is to manage local finance as a Regional Cash holder and help improve the local economy by giving credit to small entrepreneurs. Central Java Regional Development Bank is a Bank owned by the Central Java Provincial Government together with the Government City / Central Java Regency. Banks whose shares are owned by the Provincial Government and Regency / City of Central Java Government have experienced several changes in the business entities form. In 1969 through the Central Java Provincial Regulation no. 3 Year 1969, establish Central Java Regional Development Bank as a Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD). Then through Central Java Provincial Regulation no. 1 In 1993, the Bank's business entity status became a Regional Company (Perusda).

Until finally in 1999, based on Central Java Provincial Regulation no. 6 of 1998 and the establishment deed no. 1 dated 1 May 1999 and ratified by Decree of the Justice Minister of the Indonesia Republic No. C2.8223.HT.01.01 of 1999 dated May 15, 1999, the Bank was later changed to Limited Liability Company. On May 7, 1999, PT. Regional Development Bank of Central Java joined Bank Recapitalization Program. On May 7, 2005, PT. The Bank Jateng Regional Development completed the recapitalization program, together with the shares repurchase owned by the Central Government by the Central Java Provincial Government and the Regency / Municipality of Central Java.

As the company develops and to better showcase the company's positive image, especially after its release from the recapitalization program, it changes the logo and company name call representing the Central Java Regional Development Bank new face. Based on Amendment Deed of Association Articles No.68 dated May 7, 2005 Notary Prof. DR. Liliana Tedjosaputro and Decree of the Justice and Human Rights Minister No. C.17331 HT.01.04.TH.2005 dated June 22, 2005, then the name call (call name) of PT. Central Java Regional Development Bank changed from previous BPD Bank Jateng to Central Java  Bank.

Vision & Mission


Trusted Banks, become the community pride, able to support regional development


  1. Providing excellent service is supported by HR reliability with modern technology, as well as extensive network.
  2. Build Bank’s culture and maintain Bank’s sound.
  3. Support regional economic growth by prioritizing retail banking activities.
  4. Increase owner contribution and commitment to strengthen bank

Corporate Culture

Bank Jateng Value

1. Profesional.
2. Integrity.
3. Inovation.
4. Leadership.

PRINSIP :  PRofesional, INtegritas, inovaSI, kePemimpinan.

Acronyms Explantion


Bank Jateng Cultural values is a "PRINCIPLE" which is always held firmly by all Central Bank Stakeholders in everyday behavior.


Working with responsibility and commitment gives the best results.


Truth, honest, high, moral, brave attitude, and consistent according to ethical standards


Have ideas, creative ideas, smart and make constant changes to the company development.


Motivate and influence others to work toward common goals and behave as role models.


Proud to play a role in developing Central Java.

Explanation :

Having a gratitude and pride sense as Bank Jateng employee since it plays a role to improve the life quality of the Central Java people.

Corporate Identity

The Bank Jateng identity is symbolized by the form of SUNLIGHT, which is the life source and guiding light for the Bank Jateng in running its business and show progress in every mindset and renewal for the environment in achieving and symbolizing health and welfare of banks, including all related parties in it (employees, stakeholders, consumers). Its radiation is an infinite energy source, so vast as to reach the region outskirts. Her daily presence shows commitment, integrity, strength and perpetual pride. The letter used is a modified sans-serif type. This font type indicates flexibility, modernity, without abandoning inheritance values.

The Meaning & Used Colors Philosophy as follows :


Colors that symbolize the warmth, intelligence, and rapid Bank Jateng development and unite elements that are in it.


Is the sky color and the sea and is associated with the depth, stability and flexibility for Bank Jateng in running its business. In addition, blue symbolizes the loyalty, wisdom and confidence value.


Is a color that strengthens the warmth and flexibility, as well as a foundation for Bank Jateng future development.