57th Anniversary, Bank Jateng of Purwodadi Branch Shares Food Packages

PURWODADI – In the context of the 57th Anniversary of Bank Jateng, right on its 57th anniversary, Bank Jateng in all its work units, both throughout Central Java, Jakarta and DIY, are  sharing basic food packages to people in need. As conducted by Bank Jateng of Purwodadi Branch with 100 packages of nine-basic necessities to the people who need it in Bank Jateng’s  work units of Purwodadi Branch (06/04).

Grocery packages are distributed to pedicab drivers, scavengers, garbage collectors, delman drivers and online gojek/ taxi who are still working in the co-19 virus pandemic situation along the streets of Purwodadi, Grobogan Regency.

“Hopefully by sharing with others,  increase our sense of concern to others who are still struggling to find sustenance in this co-19 virus emergency status situation, and this is in accordance with the theme of the 57th anniversary of Bank Jateng this year, “Go Forward and Grow Together” said Suko Hariyadi as Branch Manager of Purwodadi.

The head of purwodadi online gojek/taxi association, Eko Prasetyo, expressed his gratitude to Bank Jateng for the food packages provision and gave a 57th birthday wish to Bank Jateng which is expected to always be the Bank of Central Java people.

The benefits of this activity are expected to ease the burden on the community due to the Covid-19/ Corona Virus pandemic’s impact which is felt to be really burdensome for the small community who has been relying on it to trade or offer services.