57 Deposit Program

57 Deposit Program

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In the context of the 57th anniversary, Bank Jateng  provides an attractive promo “Deposit 57”. By  this program you can get a profit in no longer time since Bank Jateng offers a special offer by  making deposits of 5,700,000,  rupiahs – will get a deposit interest of 5.7%, and a special gift shopping voucher. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and take this exciting opportunity unlimited vouchers! This program is only valid in April 2020.

For further information contact the nearest Bank Jateng’s Office in your area.

Program period: April 2020


  • Fresh Fund
  • Not valid for customers who do breakable “old deposits” with the aim to participate in the “Deposit 57” program


Nominal TermTime / monthDeposit interest
5.700.000 s/d 100.000.0003 Bulan5,7 %

Note: Calculation of the net interest received will be given after deduction of  tax interestof 20%.


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