56th Anniversary of Bank Jateng Holds “Wayangan” in Solo City Hall

Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno accompanied by Central Java Provincial Secretary Sri Puryono handed over Brotoseno leather puppets to K Warseno Sleng, starting Leather Puppets Show at the Surakarta City Hall courtyard on Sunday (9/4).

SOLO-Bank Jateng held a puppet in the yard of the Surakarta City Hall, on Sunday (7/4). The Kridhaning Sang Brotoseno play was taken, said Managing Director Supriyatno, since it was considered in harmony with the journey of Bank Jateng, who is 56 years already.

“Various obstacles and challenges have been traversed and now Bank Jateng can ‘guarantee’ the existing problems and become the community partners in economic empowerment in Central Java,” he said in his speech.

The all-night shadow puppet show began with the Brotoseno puppet presentation from Supriyatno to the mastermind Ki Warseno Sleng, after earlier remarks from the Secretary of the Sri Puryono Province and Surakarta Mayor FX Hadi Rudyatmo. The board of directors from Semarang and the leaders of the Bank Jateng branch from the various districts / cities participated in watching the performance, including the branch head of Surakarta coordinator, Aris Setiawan.

In addition to providing entertainment as a spectacle and guidance for the general public who witnessed the performance of the puppets in the culmination framework of Bank Jateng’s birthday celebration, said Supriyatno, also for preserve (“nguri-uri”) which is a noble and meaningful of Javanese culture.

On that occasion a prize was given to the winners of various competitions between employees held by Bank Jateng. CSR was also handed over to Surakarta City Government valued at 1.25 billion rupiahs for the construction of uninhabitable houses (RTLH) worth 750 million and 500 million rupiahs to support the Great Mosque construction in Sriwedari.

Furthermore, Supriyatno said, Bank Jateng is a third development bank in the book category and was healthy ranked in the OJK assessment. As in December 31, its assets reached 66.85 trillion rupiahs or grew 8.75 percent from the previous year. Third party funds (DPK) collected 45.19 trillion rupiahs or growing 1.24 percent compared to the previous year. The financing disbursed is 45.89 trillion rupiahs or grew by 8.13 percent. And the profit earned is1.7 trillion rupiahs, growing by around 5.29 percent compared to 2017 valued at 1.6 trillion rupiahs.

“I see friends who are here, essays. As with the increase in profits, the bonuses that will be received by employees will also increase, “he said.

In his speech, State Secretary, Sri Puryono appreciated the performance of the region’s business entities. According to him, Bank Jateng existence greatly helped improve the community’s economy in accelerating development in Central Java.

“I think regents and mayors can sleep well. Since as a shareholder, Bank Jateng’s sharing profit for districts / cities this year has increased compared to before, “said the Regional Secretary jokingly.

In addition to congratulating the 56th birthday and appreciating the performance of Leather Puppets at the Surakarta City Hall yard, Mayor FX Hadi Rudyatmo thanked for the 1.25 billion rupiahs CSR assistance provided by Bank Jateng. “We will continue the CSR assistance from Bank Jateng to the rightful ones,” said the mayor, who is familiarly called Rudy.