56th Anniversary, Bank Jateng Supports the Poverty Alleviation Program

Commemorating the 56th anniversary of Bank Jateng on April 6, 2019, Bank Jateng also has a role as a development agent. In carrying out this role, Bank Jateng also contributed to support the government programs in alleviating poverty and reducing unemployment.

This was conveyed by President Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno, on the sidelines of the Central Java Governor Gathering with Aid Recipients for 2018 -1919 and the Submission of Governor Assistance in 2019 at Purworejo Regency Hall on Saturday (6/4).
On that occasion, the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo SH MIP, symbolically handed over assistance to the recipient representatives.

The assistance includes the form assistance of Unlivable Houses (RTLH), Prosperity Jateng Cards, Healthy Jateng Cards, and BPJS Employment contributions. Supriyatno explained, for the BPJS Employment contribution reached 2.01 billion rupiahs in total for 120 thousand vulnerable workers or 16,800 rupiahs per person each. The details are laborers (8,000), casual daily workers (24,729), fishermen (15,489), traders (10,000), farmers (9,000) and entrepreneurs (52,781).

“The BPJS program beneficiaries are spread in 11 districts / cities including Cilacap, Klaten, Semarang, Ungaran, Kudus and Pekalongan. Bank Jateng as an agent of development, participates in the welfare of the poor or incapable society to alleviate poverty and reduce unemployment, “Supriyatno said.

While in the assistance program from the Central Java provincial government, Bank Jateng contributed. Among others, RTLH assistance of 10 million rupiahs for residents whose homes are not suitable for habitation, as well as assistance for elementary education and madrasah ibtidaiyah of 2,500,000 rupiahs. In addition, assistance from BPJS Employment contributions for 500 informal workers in Purworejo.

“It is a program from the government is synchronized with Bank Jateng which contributes to providing assistance from Bank Jateng social funds and there are also those whose sources are from Mitra Jateng 25 credit,” he said.

He said his party also moves the real sector with credit assistance therefore it’s automatically absorbs labor. “Related to RTLH assistance, also to alleviate poverty, it is one of Bank Jateng’s programs as an agent of development,” he added.

Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo said, the assistance had been allocated to Purworejo in 2018 reached a total of 180.7 billion rupiahs. Whereas 2019, at least 47 billion rupiahs has been channeled, and distribution is still running. On that occasion the Governor also appreciated Bank Jateng for contributing the development.

“Some of this assistance with one hope, we hope the people in Purworejo will soon be able to prosper. I am also happy that I have been told by the Regent, there have been many who after receiving these treatments (assistance) can go up, have graduated from poverty, “he said.

Meanwhile, Purworejo Regent, Agus Bastian, said various assistance from the central government and the provincial government was still very much needed for Purworejo. Moreover, they welcomed the actual development of the region, including the existence of New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) and the National Tourism Strategic Area (KSPN) of Borobudur.

“Therefore, in the future we hope, there will be an increase in the Governor’s Aid funds given to Purworejo Regency, especially in the effort to improve the quality of human resources and improve infrastructure,” he said.