555 Inadequate Residents in Demak Regency Receive the Home Surgery and Healthy Latrine Construction Assistance

DEMAK – A total of 555 poor people in Demak Regency received home surgery assistance and the healthy latrines construction from Bank Jateng, yesterday. Assistance in the form of repairing Unlivable Houses (RTLH) was provided to 52 families and assistance with the construction of healthy latrines for 503 families.

The distribution of aid was symbolically handed over by Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo to Totok Suparto, a resident of Jatimulyo Village, Bonang Sub-district and Achmad Nasir, a resident of Bonangrejo Village, Bonang Sub-district in Demak Pendapa District.

Present at the event are The Deputy of Demak Regent, Joko Sutanto, Secretary of Demak Regency, Singgih Setyono, Bank Jateng of Demak Branch Leader, Akhmad Farikhi, Forkopimda leader and hundreds of aid recipients.

Akhmad Farikhi said, the assistance worth more than 1 billion rupiahs is part of Bank Jateng’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

“For 52 RTLH units each received assistance amount to 15 million rupiahs or a total of 780 million rupiahs, while 503 units of healthy latrines totaling 649,373,000 rupiahs,” he explained.

Meanwhile the Deputy Regent of Demak, Joko Sutanto, said all this time Demak Regency Government has continued to program improvements in Unlivable Houses (RTLH) to help poor people to have healthy housing.

In addition to allocate the budgets from central, provincial and district levels, it’s also involved a number of BUMN and BUMD together.

“We are very pleased to Bank Jateng’s concern to help the local government programs in alleviating the poverty,” he said.

Meanwhile, in addition to channel the assistance to disadvantaged residents and small business actors, Central Java governor conducted a roadshow to Demak Regency with a number of activities. Among them attended the gathering with the cleric and ustadzah with the theme of Improving the Quality of Islamic Boarding Schools Teachers, Madin and TPQ in Demak Regency at Miftahul Ulum Jogoloyo Boarding School, Demak. On that occasion, the governor provided incentives for 11,447 Islamic boarding school teachers, diniyah madrasah and TPQ in Demak regencies, each of them received 1,200,000 rupiahs per year or 100,000 rupiahs per month. Ganjar said, incentive assistance is an attention form of the Central Java provincial government to the religious education institutions.