30K Bank Jateng Giveaway Always Hearts

GIVEAWAY with a total prize of 5 million Rupiah during the period 1-8 February 2021.

Come on, tell me your reasons why Bank Jateng is the bank of your choice and your hopes that #BankJatengSelaluDiHati

It’s really easy!

  1. Make a 30-60s video, state your reasons and your hopes for Bank Jateng
  2. Upload the video on your Instagram account
  3. Make sure your Instagram account is not locked
  4. Follow & Tag Instagram @bankjateng
  5. Include the hashtag #BankJatengSelaludiHati
  6. Tag 10 of your friends on video
  7. The 5 best videos will get a total prize of 5 million rupiah
  8. 30k giveaway participants have a Bank Jateng savings account

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