pesta rakyat 2018

2018 Central Java People’s Party at Widuri Beach, Pemalang

In the 68th Central Java Province Anniversary framework, Pemalang Regency was appointed to host the 2018 Central Java People’s Party. The Central Java People’s Party was held at Widuri Beach in Pemalang for 3 days from 18-20 August 2018. Pemalang Regency is a business route where there are many tourist areas developed according to the nickname Pemalang Pusere Jawa.

The event was opened by the Central Java Governor, Mr. H. Ganjar Pranowo S.H, M.IP and the Pemalang Regent, Mr. H. Junaedi S.H, MM. The event was also attended by the Central Java Province Secretariat, Mr. Sri Puryono and his staff, Pemalang Regional Secretariat Drs. Budhi Rahardjo, MM along with his staff and also attended by the Operations and Digital Banking Director of Bank Jateng Mr. Rahadi Widayanto. The Central Java 2018 People’s Party Activities include children’s dolphin festivals, pitulasan zones, sportainment, entertainment, community, carnivals, Jateng bersholawat and UMKM exhibition stands. The activities of the first day of opening were continued with a children’s festival, pitulasan zone, sportainment such as relaxing bikes and night run. The second day begins with morning gymnastics continues with a leisurely walk on the widuri beach, moreover then Dekranasda Carnival in Pemalang square. In the evening the Jateng bersholawat in Pemalang square while at Pantai Widuri featured national artists Virzha and Seventeen, closed with thefireworks. On the third day is the seminar activities on narcotics eradication movement in Gor Kridanggo Pemalang and Pesta Rakyat as the peak event ended with the Central Java cultural arts parade, starting from the Patih park and finish at Pemalang square.

Bank Jateng in this case contributed to the People’s Party event of the 68th Central Java Province Anniversary framework. Bank Jateng gave 1 unit of car for the healthy walk main prize, 1 unit of motorcycle, 1 unit of LED TV, 1 unit of laptop and breakfast for healthy walk participants. The gift was handed over by Mrs. Hj. Atikoh Ganjar Pranowo was accompanied by the Pemalang Regent, Mr. H. Junaedi S.H, MM and his wife, Mrs. Hj. Irna Setiawati S.E, MM and Mr. Djaka Nur Sahid as the Head of Bank Jateng, Pemalang Branch. Central Java also contributed to the exhibition stand which featured various products from UMKs such as Sarong Goyor and marble craftsmen taken from the center built by the Bank Jateng of Pemalang Branch.

Bank Jateng Pemalang Branch Marketing Team