1 + 1 Blessing Ramadhan Donation Distribution Program of Bank Jateng’s Sukoharjo Branch

SUKOHARJO – 1 + 1 Blessing Ramadhan Program of Bank Jateng is a program was held by Bank Jateng during Ramadhan 2020. This program can be followed by blocking a minimum savings balance of 5 Million Rupiahs.

Customers who block will get 2 coupons namely 1 Blessing coupon can be exchanged for groceries and 1 share coupon will be donated by customers in the form of groceries for COVID-19 affected people PPE for health workers, Orphanages, or Infaq- Sodaqoh through Baznaz. Coupons obtained start from 50 thousand rupiahs.

During the 1 + 1 Blessing Ramadhan Program of Bank Jateng, 43 customers of Bank Jateng’s   Sukoharjo Branch were interested in joining this program. Total blocked balances reached 894 Million Rupiahs.

Donations received were distributed to Muhammadiyah Telukan Orphanage, Grogol.

Which orphanage was also affected by COVID-19. The basic food donation could be used for the daily consumption of the orphanage children. Donations were given directly by the Head of Bank Jateng’s  Sukoharjo Branch, Agus Hastono.

Agus said, “This donation is a concern form for the  Bank Jateng’s customers to the affected COVID -19 people, although it is not much to be useful for the ladies and sisters in this orphanage”. This donation was also immediately received by the orphanage caregiver, Abdul Widodo.

“We are thankful for the care of Bank Jateng, hopefully Bank Jateng will be more developed  and successful, a blessing for all the employees and customers,” said Abdul

The Blessing Ramadhan 1 + 1 Program of Bank Jateng  is an excellent program since Bank Jateng can increase Third Party Funds while realizing the concern of Bank Jateng towards Central Java people, especially those affected by COVID-19. Bank Jateng of Sukoharjo Branch hopes our concern will not stop even though the 1 + 1 Program

The blessing Ramadhan of Bank Jateng  is over, we hope our concern for our surroundings continues at any time.

Agus Hastono representing all ethe tmployees of Bank  Jateng’s Sukoharjo Branch expressed his gratitude for the willingness of the Bank Jateng of Sukoharjo Branch ‘s customers to participate in the 1 + 1 Blessing Program Ramadhan of Bank Jateng, may all the goodness of God follow each of the steps.