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It’s Time to Back Home at Bank Jateng (Special ASN Credit)

Already looking for credit at the next door bank but ...

You can still shop what you want, safe savings, use your favorite gifts

Again BM (Many Want)? Want to buy a smartwatch, want ...

How to Use Bima Mobile

Hai, Bima People to be able to access the Bima ...

Can Still Shop What You Want, Saving is Safe Using Fun Rewards

Still BM (Want Many )? want to buy a smartwatch, ...

Have a Pension Credit and get rewards up to 500 thousand rupiahs

The advantage: Get rewards of cash funds starting from 300,000 ...


Bank Jateng Provides RTLH CSR Assistance and 1 (one) car unit of Fortuner for the Wonogiri Regency

WONOGIRI - Bank Jateng handed over Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ...
Bank Jateng Cabang Banjarnegara Gowes Sembari Promosi Kredit PLO

Bank Jateng, of Banjarnegara Branch Gwes While Promoting PLO Credit

BANJARNEGARA - this morning there was something different at the ...

Caring for Covid-19, Bank Jateng Hands Over PPE Assistance to Wonogiri Regency Government

WONOGIRI - PT. Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Tengah of Wonogiri ...

Wonogiri Regency Government and Bank Jateng Distribute BLT-DD to the 29,775 Recipients

WONOGIRI - PT. Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Tengah was chosen ...

Sragen Regency Government and Bank Jateng Distribute BLT Village Fund

SRAGEN. The Regency Government (Pemkab) of Sragen cooperates with Bank ...