A payment system where people can directly pay PDAM Bill online via ATM and other payment channels, and the payment and record process take place in real time


Education bill payment feature via:

  • Teller
  • ATM
  • EDC
  • Laku Pandai
  • And the of other payment features development


  • Optimal in serving the Central Java Bank customer transaction needs
  • Improve the Central Java Bank quality and quantity services
  • Increase non-cash transactions
  • Increased low-cost funds deposition
  • Reduce the Teller and ATM workload related to non-cash transactions


  1. PDAM Tirta Makmur Sukoharjo
  2. PDAM Tirta Panguripan Kendal
  3. PDAM Tirta Satria Banyumas
  4. PDAM Kab Klaten
  5. PDAM Kab Tegal (Slawi)
  6. PDAM Tirta Gemilang Kab Magelang
  7. PDAM Tirta Kab Kajen
  8. PDAM Kota Salatiga
  9. PDAM Kab Batang
  10. PDAM Kota Pekalongan
  11. PDAM Kab Jepara
  12. PDAM Kab Wonosobo
  13. PDAM Kab Temanggung
  14. PDAM Kab Karanganyar
  15. PDAM Kab Sragen
  16. PDAM Kab Blora